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About Us


How we Work

The Ryder Self Group is a truly ‘virtual’ company, utilising the specialist skills of a network of experienced professionals.  

We treat each project as unique and assemble the best team to meet our client’s needs.   While our main office is in Sydney, we undertake many national projects.  Our staff and associates are mostly located in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Adelaide. 

We have also developed our own proprietary research methodology to provide meaningful insights and actionable outcomes.

  Benefits of working with us

 The benefits we bring to a project are:

  • The ability to assist clients to simplify complexity and focus on the important issues

  • Specialist skills and experience in marketing strategy, organisational communication and cultural change

  • Ensuring organisations have both an external and internal focus

  • Tailored methodology to suit the client’s unique circumstances

  • Complete service from diagnosis to implementation

  • Proven track record – we have received several nationally recognised awards in the field of communication and customer satisfaction


The Ryder Self Group
Ph: 0412 426 553