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                   Business Strategy             Communication             Culture Change


Services provided help you:

  1. Understand your market, customers & stakeholders to position your organisation successfully
  1. Understand your organisation's capability to meet market & customer needs
  1. Improve internal communication to engage employees
  1. Implement business, marketing strategies & culture change

Culture provides competitive advantage.  It is the only thing competitors cannot copy.















"If communication is to change behaviour, it must be grounded in the desires and interests of the receiver."


Adapted from Aristotle 350 BC


We provide strategy (business and marketing), communication and culture change consulting and research services for four core areas:

  1. Strategy - Strategic Planning, Business Planning, Marketing & Sales Planning

  2. Customer and Stakeholder Satisfaction and Engagement

  3. Internal Communication - Change Communication, Communication Styles Assessment (eg. MBTI)

  4. Change Management, Culture Change, Employee Satisfaction, Engagement, Morale and Well-Being

Specific services include:

Strategy - Strategic Planning, Business Planning, Marketing & Sales Planning
  • Strategic Planning that is market and customer focused

  • Marketing and Sales Plan Development

  • Value Proposition

  • Product positioning

  • Pricing structures, strategies and scenario planning

  • Market segmentation based on needs

  • Buyer behaviour analysis

  • Competitor analysis

  • Financial analysis

  • Cost-benefit analysis

  • Market and organisational alignment

Reaching your market

Bringing customers, stakeholders and employees together to improve your organisationís performance and employee productivity.

 Customer and Stakeholder Satisfaction & Engagement
  Internal Communication - Change Communication & Communication Styles Assessment
  • Internal Communication

  • Communication Audits

  • Communication Strategy

  • Leadership Communication (communicating Vision and Values)

  • Communicating Restructuring, Mergers, Organisational Changes

  • Communicating Redundancies

  • Communication Protocols

  • Communication Styles Assessment (using MBTI & our 180 degree assessment):

    • Manager/staff communication

    • Team communication

    • Personal style communication

  • Communication Coaching for improved work relationships

  • Team building, including between groups, teams, functions, divisions, departments

  • Gender Communication

  • Electronic Communication Assessment (email and Intranet)

  • Evaluation of Corporation information

  • Group Facilitation

 Change Management, Culture Change, Employee Satisfaction, Engagement, Morale and Well-Being
  • Culture Change Framework

  • Culture Mapping

  • Change Readiness Assessment

  • Change Strategy Development

  • Change Communication

  • Managing Uncertainty

  • Employee Engagement, Satisfaction and Morale and Well-Being / Employee Sustainability Surveys

  • Climate or Employee Attitude Surveys

  • 360 degree Performance Assessment

  • Facilitating Employee Action Planning Workshops


The Ryder Self Group
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